About Us

Jozef Witkowski started the company in 1994 in Stamford, Connecticut but his roots trace back to his native Gdansk, Poland, where the city’s rich history and architecture fueled his passion for designing and fabricating handcrafted iron. Under the direction of several mentors, including Polish sculptor Stanislaw Skora, Jozef’s artistry blossomed, reflecting the style and old-world ambience of his medieval city. Among Jozef’s proudest moments was presenting one of his iron crosses to Pope John Paul II in 1985. He was able to do it again in 2004, where he gave the Pope a miniature statue of the life size one that he fabricated for Holy Name Church in Stamford, Connecticut.

In 1986, Jozef and his family left behind the political turmoil in Poland and came to the United States. Initially, Jozef worked at Post Road Iron Works in Greenwich, Connecticut, where he established a reputation for himself as a highly skilled artisan. He formed his own company in 1994 and in 1999, Jozef acquired Cavalier Renaissance Bronze Foundry, adding bronze casting capabilities of his offerings.

Jozef Custom Ironworks is more than a business. It is a whole-hearted passion-a passion to carry on the tradition of handcrafted iron and passion to fulfill client’s visions for the truly distinctive and the extraordinary, both in style and quality.